Blocking only discord voice?

I made my old pi3 ( the original model not the slightly updated one) into a wireless access point !:smiley:

very happy with the results and how easy it was to make everything just work, I did a speedtest and it seemed ok maybe slightly less bandwidth (20% less) compared to the wired connection but not by enough for it to be notifiable but I was wondering. ..

is it possible to have openWRT block only discord voice while allowing the text chat portion to continue to function? or maybe block all webRTC as I think that is what discord voice chat uses?

I did google search but was not hitting relevant results.


See this article...

I am not really a network expert but skimmed, is it about blocking the 800 voice servers by Ip? though I searched and they are scattered between different hosts and can't find a definitive list

I also tried to work backwards from "what ports does discord need open" to redirect traffic from those to an unused ip it was suggested that it uses 54103, 53660, 61671 but it could use a massive range anything inside 50,000 - 65,535 (UDP)

would consider blocking that range but it may break other stuff ? the only other thing I can think is just blocking all the discord domains but that wouldn't allow the regular text chat stuff to work.

More or less what you say is right. If you cannot find a matching condition for the voice of discord, then you can block everything or nothing.

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use dnsmasq-full + ipset + iptables rules based on ipset & port