Block web proxy

How to block all sites that use the or croxyproxy proxy service? I used dns family cloudflare and cleanbrowsing but I can't block it, I used banip and adblock with the hagezi blacklist to block proxy bypass and vpn, but if I search "made with reflect4" on Google a site will always appear that is not blocked by firewall/adblock rules

Collect all IPs they use ?

It's not OpenWRT's fault if the banlists/ipsets are incomplete.

yes, and every day a new IP appears

If the IPs are "random", isn't it enough to block access to the main site ?

I'm not blaming the blacklist, I just wanted to know if anyone has tried to block these sites in any other way

Deep packet inspection or by forcing all local traffic through your own proxy (eg squid) with detailed regex rules covering all permutations.

Both need lots of processing power - x64 device and a few gigs of ram

Oh, you can also do it by black listing the whole internet and only white listing approved sites - more inconvenient but doesn’t require much processing power