Block shell access for a connected device

Hi All,

I wanted to block the shell access (SSH connection) for my Linux system (having IP Address connected with openWRT Router. I am running 18.06.8 openWRT firmware on my Linksys router.

I learned to know that if I use FORWARD chain of iptables and Insert the below rule in the FORWARD chain of filter table at the router then the router should block this specific ssh connection intended for my Linux system but It is not the reality. I am able to do SSH to my Linux System from another device.
the rule is: iptables -I FORWARD -d -p tcp --destport 22 -j DROP

can somebody suggest if I am missing something in the rule?
Also, is it possible to block any private connections( b/w two devices) from the router?

Thanks in Advance!!

you should really do this in the Linux boxes firewall ...

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thanks frollic,
but is it possible to block this connection at the router level?

Block from where? Other hosts on the same subnet?

not as long as the hosts are on the same subnet.

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Block from the router.

same subnet == not passing the firewall.

block it in the other end.

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Thanks, Frollic, Got it.

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