Blank page Luci - Lua configuration interface

Hi guys!

I got the screen below when I triy to access to the router tl-wr840n.

I tried to restore the firmware with TFTP but I didn't get nothig.
What can i do?

Thanks and regards!

What happens when you try to access your device via instead of

My modem is connected to
I connected the router TL-wr840n to one port of the modem and one port of the router to the PC.
But i can't access to nothing.

Try unplugging the modem and everything other than the connection between your computer and the router. Then try again.

If it doesn’t work properly, try another browser.

If you still can’t get it to work, check your computer’s ip address - post that here.

I also had this Problem.. try with a incognito window