Bintec RS353 support


What would be needed to move the bintec rs353 into official?

I have found this page on the wiki:

There's also a pull request and other stuff

But I'm unsure if @armSeb is still working on this.

The RS353 comes in several flavours:





The w versions have wireless, the j version supports ISDN modems, the a supports ADSL and VDSL.

I can liberate a few of the rs353a from my workplace, it's a lantiq device with 128mb ram and 32mb ROM space.

Bintec charge a license fee to enable VDSL, so openwrt would be a great alternative.

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The device basically looks relatively straight forward to support, so you'd best try to contact armSeb and mkresin about its current state, in order to polish and test the PR for merging. Keep in mind that the existing PR will need changes, both to support kernel 5.10 and to switch the device (and its network configuration in DTS and board.d/ files) from swconfig to DSA (which has happened for all other lantiq devices a few weeks ago).


Any news on this topic? It's a very nice device, because it is rack mountable and you can change the wifi card. But the snapshot release of openwrt in @armSeb 's git repo is not very stable (in my case).

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Welcome fellow bintec user.

What's not stable?

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Sometimes (actually rarely) the router crashes and does not start again without unplugging the power cord.
I don't know if it's the ath10k driver or what, but WPA3 doesn't work. (But that could be the wifi card I used, today I reinstalled the original card and I'm currently recompiling openwrt).
The WiFi driver often crashes and my WiFi networks can no longer be reached. This can also be the driver card combination.

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I am running OpenWRT on the Bintec product as a Wireless AP. This is quite stable (I actually have 21 days uptime).

I'll try to merge the latest changes and to update the DTB to the DSA architecture. This needs some time.


Yeah, I already thought that the wifi card may be the problem.

Thanks for doing the work. I would also be available as a tester.