Best wireless backhaul?

I have 1 dumb ap with wired backhaul.
I need 1 more AP with wireless backhaul.
I tried with WDS, but i'm getting slow speeds.
802.11s should be good for this purposes?

Ipq807x, supporting WDS and 802.11s

The best 'wireless' backhaul is made of copper…

If it really must be wireless, WDS/ 4addr is as good as it gets - and repeater effect will hit you anyways (unless you have a tri-radio device). 802.11s only has advantages if multiple mobile satellites join the picture, otherwise its overhead is higher.


Im getting 60mbps (instead of 500mbps approx.) with wds (same radio)
802.11s will be better?

It shouldn't be, but there's only one way to find out…

4addr should be faster than 802.11s, but really, you need to test it in your environment yourself.

Powerline ethernet is new-wires-less. There is no wonder protocol that defeats basic physics.

Almost all houses have cable routed to multiple rooms. There are adapters that can use that copper and make them proxy Ethernet.