Best Wireless AC router for LEDE?

For the record, since I've complained a lot about the linksys WRT series routers in this thread, let me at least point out that the NAT performance is fantastic under LEDE. I have a gigabit WAN connection. With my WRT1900ACS, I'm able to download at 830Mbps (over the wired ports on the router--it's more like 450Mbps over wireless). With my Netgear R7800, I can't crack 250Mbps downloads with LEDE.

The Netgear stock firmware of course does better. I vaguely considered using it until I discovered that it doesn't NAT networks that are not directly connected, so if you have other routers on your network, the NAT is useless.

At this point, I'm sending my WRT3200ACM back for warranty replacement, because the 5GHz WiFi is so unreliable with Android, even under the factory firmware. It's possible I just got a bad unit.

Since I have so many routers, I'm vaguely considering just using my WRT1900ACS with radios disabled as a NAT box running LEDE, and my R7800 as an access point with the DHCP server disabled.