Best Wireless AC router for LEDE?

I have a linksys WRT1900ACS and a WRT3200ACM. The 1900ACS works great to laptops, but periodically kicks off android clients. The WRT3200ACM is complete garbage for open source. Someday there might be good support, but right now it is really flakey. WDS is completely broken. DFS seems really flakey, as a bunch of WiFi channels don't work. It periodically gets in to a situation where the radio is disabled and no matter what channel I select it won't work so I have to reboot. That makes it super frustrating to try to find a working channel by trial and error. Also, the third radio (the primary reason I got the thing) doesn't work at all.

In frustration, I went and got a Netgear R7800, and everything works on that. I wish it had a third radio, but for now I'm using the R7800 as a primary WDS access point and the 1900ACS as a station, while the 3200ACM gathers dust on my shelf. So my advice would be stick to Atheros and avoid Marvell for now. Linksys puts a lot of lip service into how great the WRT series is for open source, but so far they haven't delivered. I do expect that down the line things will change and my WRT3200ACM will someday work really well, but I sure wish I hadn't bought one now in 2018 Jan.

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The WRT3200ACM does work really well, I have several at different locations running just fine and that includes Android clients. That said, like with everything else certain combinations might not be optimal. As far as the r7800 goes a lot of people are having issues with the ath10k-ct driver so again, there's no simple answer. Running trunk does help a lot but without telemetry it's really hard to pinpoint issues and gather data.

Irregardless of platform you'll always hear those who complain a lot more than the silent crowd with no issues at all.

You can test a WR1200JS ( low price )

I have two in relayd mode ( only used in 5Ghz with a Orange Livebox 4 )