Best Wifi router around $200 for LEDE

Looking for best Wifi router around $200
I have 1043nd v1, but it has problems with my current setup.

I want to run:
MPD (bluetooth usb external? , or dlna support for wifi/bluetooth speakers)

It has to be power efficient. And it has not to be ugly...

Linksys EA8500 (2x 1,4Ghz, 128NAND, 512Ram)
ZyXEL NBG6817 (2x 1,7Ghz,128,512Ram )
Netgear R7800 (2x 1,7Ghz,128,512Ram )

In my country Netgear R8000 is more expensive than R7800, and it has broadcom wlan hw, a is less powerfull.
Dont know why ?

Should i avoid broadcom wlan harwdare, right ?
Are there any better variants ?

Thanks guys for recommendation

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why not use this kind of devices ?

trow a 30$ 8P gigabit switch and is powerful enough for every scenario

Maybe search the forum , topic is already there:

I don't want to be rude but the OP certainly asked a legit question, which is not the same as being discussed in the other thread. The other thread assesses "Cheap", which does not necessarily equal $200. I would say $200 is a bit on the higher end. I'm kind of in the same boat as the OP but I already own the R7800 but I would easily trade up for something with a bit more oomph. I raised a topic in which I asked what ipq806x vs bcm53xx devices are likely to receive LEDE attention and support, and I'd rather base my decision based on that.

To the OP, I would say that the R7800 is a nice device that should fit the bill for what you want. I cant answer for the dlna use case though. The current 17.01.2 is stable. there are still some kinks but it shouldn't interfere with your use case and your device will stay on 100% of the time without need to restart wifi etc. I would also take input from others who use bcm53xx devices and other ipq806x devices (EA8500?)

I don't see your comment as rude, don't really care actually. If you want to repeat info already posted in that trail, up to you.

Wrong thread.

This is more like what the OP searched for: What's your favorite enthusiast LEDE/OpenWrt device?

Ty ! That's even better, knew it was around somewhere.
Click the shop link to price it out configured your way or check for local dist.
About $200
NOTE: for dual band you need 2 wireless cards or use your current device as an AP


R7800 ... can use only 19mb of 128Mb NAND, unless you compile yours own image, (extroot possible ofc)

E8500 ... specially newer revisions can NOT be flashed with LEDE

ZyXEL NBG6817 has really really ugly case... Wife acceptance factor = -100
But it has 4Gb eMMC storage

The nbg6817 offers two independent system installations (dualboot) with 4+64 MB (kernel + rootfs) each, the vendor firmware reserves 3.2 GB of the eMMC for streamboost and dlna.

I would look at a used BT Home Hub 5 Type A. They are getting dumped for next to nothing all over the place

While the BT Home Hub 5 type A is a very interesting device, it's in a completely different performance league compared to the afforementioned devices. Adblock and OpenVPN might easily push any of the existing lantiq devices to its limits, even more at higher WAN speeds. Also keep in mind that the initial flashing of the BT Home Hub 5 type A isn't exactly for the faint hearted (fine pitch soldering with a high potential for hard-bricking). While that doesn't make this router a bad choice (on the contrary, its unique selling point of an integrated and well supported VDSL modem might make it rank very high for many use cases), the user needs to be aware of the fine print and its performance limitations (it's a better modem, coping with simple routing requirements (at VDSL+vectoring workloads), than a top end router).