Best ways to conduct Speed and Network Performance test from OpenWrt?

I've been looking for the best way to conduct speed test and network performance tests from OpenWRT, both router through ISP circuit as well as internal VLANs. I came across but before moving forward with it wanted to ping others on advise, direction and @guidosarducci on whether or not your package works on OpenWrt 18.06.1 r7258-5eb055306f Thank you!

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Good reference above.

Be aware that many all-in-one routers are CPU limited, so running a script / program of any sort on the router itself may significantly impact the results.

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Hi @troysio... My speedtest package should be very portable, and has been used on versions from CC to current master (netperf is the main dependency). There's also a discussion thread which you can follow/post in: Speedtest: new package to measure network performance .

An important point, and the main reason speedtest also measures total CPU usage of your router as well as that consumed by the speedtest program itself (mostly netperf).

If your router is CPU-limited at the measured speed, one could simply run the same speedtest script on a LAN-connected Linux server. And if the router can handle your expected speeds, the CPU usage measurements provide a good idea of how much CPU "headroom" your router would have during normal usage, such as for running VPN encryption, wireless traffic or other CPU heavy tasks. Hope that helps...

Noob question here. Im running LEDE on my wrt1900ac v1. I installed the netperf package but can't see a way of actually running the tests. Is it only accessible with SSH or can I run it in luci?



Thanks for the link to OpenWrtScripts. I especially like the work that @guidosarducci has done to make an installable package. He took the basic script and added CPU measurement (so you can tell if the actual speed test is maxxing out the CPU) and more.

Shameless self-promotion: In addition to the speedtest scripts, OpenWrtScripts has:

  • A script for saving and re-install all new packages after flashing new firmware;
  • A script to configure a router repeatably (if you're flashing frequently)
  • A script to repeatably configure an IPv6 6in4 tunnel through
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