Best way to route Whatsapp with Mwan3


Device: Redmi AC2100
OpenWRT: 23.05.2

I have 2 ISPs, and manage traffic with Mwan3. I would like to configure all Whatsapp traffic to use a particular ISP. IPs and hostnames are listed here, they recommend using hostnames not IPs.
From the docs I understand ipset functionality is broken in 23.05, searching the forums I see others have found various solutions including ipset-dns, adguard-home, creating ipset rules with /etc/rc.local. Manually adding each IP as a rule is also possible.
What would you recommend as the best workaround?


What docs?

OpenWrt Wiki page for mwan3

For anyone who finds this thread in a search I ended up using ipset-dns following the example code here it worked perfectly.

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