Best way to perform basic QoS latency and packet loss manipulation?

Hi everyone,
I am a beginner user of LEDE and am currently working on a project to use raspberry pi 3's as lightweight configurable routers. I am using LEDE version 17.01.4 and using ethernet from an existing network as WAN. I have most of my intended features setup and the network produced by the raspi is fully usable however I would like to add some QoS features and have not been having any luck. As far as I can tell qos-scripts is no longer the recommended way of performing QoS and sqm is more widely used however I have been largely unable to find sqm documentation that is understandable for someone of my prowess with LEDE. All I need to do with QoS is be able to add network latency and simulate packet loss. Essentially what is described as features of netem on this page:
is perfect for my needs however I have been unable to find if it is possible to use netem in LEDE (I would normally think so since according to that page it was usable in openwrt), and if it is usable how do I do initial setup for the service. If anyone has any recommendations/guides on how to set up some QoS service so I can perform packet loss and add network latency that would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Aidan

See the package kmod-netem

I hope that you also noticed that that wiki page is from 2012...
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Not quite sure how valid that advice is now, as netem has been superseded by several other qdiscs (fq_codel, cake etc.)