Best way to adblock on an R4S for 14+ people | looking for opinnions

What do you guys think is the best way to AdBlock a network for ~ 14 people plus guests.

I want an easy way, as in easy for young non-technical people to access the unfiltered net in case it breaks something.
I'm thinking second SSID on the access points, but what do I do with the wired connections and the bloody smart TV.

Are there solutions with a nice web panel where users can temporarily unblock for their device?

So far to the nice to have stuff, what kind of solution would you prefer or definitely not use and why?

As in some native solution and then, which? I've spotted 3 so far ...
Or a container/virtualized solution, and again what can you recommend and why?
PiHole, AdGuard or Blocky ... or

I also like the idea of having some sort of DNS cashing because I'm sure 14 people+ create a lot of the same requests, it could be its own thing, but it also feels like it would make sense to integrate it.