Best VPN Performance Router under $100?

The specs on the WRX36 are great. I only use wifi. Dont have anything connected to ethernet.

I keep hearing about wifi issues with WRT3200ACM but I have never had issues with wifi coverage or connectivity. Getting fantastic throughput with VPN, e.g. 3200 throughput is equal greater than ISP provided modem/router without VPN. Maybe I'm just lucky.

The 802.11n radio's abandonware, and doesn't work very well with IoT devices.

It would also freeze, if you'd try to use WPA3.

It's a great wired router, but a terrible wifi provider.

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I picked up the WRT32X this evening, got it pretty cheap. I uploaded the openwrt .img file to the router to do a manual update. It does nothing. Cant click save... nothing. Am I doing something wrong here? Missing a step? (I can also get the Netgear R7800 really cheap as well... local $60 / ebay about the same) If this doesnt work out with the WRT32X I may just end up selling it... or am I stuck with it? Sidenote: Noticed the front panel lights are quite dim; think it may be the angle of front bezel :frowning:

It got dual fw, the flash was probably written to the 2nd fw partition.

@frollic oh darn, just gets better. :joy: Do I need to reboot it so it will boot into that partition. Guess I was expecting to see some type of activity on the web interface after uploading the img file.

I think making it fail to boot completely three times, will force a fw fail over.

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It reboots just fine. Appears to do nothing when I upload the file though. Just populates name. That’s it. Is the R7800 this odd to flash? Not off to a good start with this WRT32X.

disabled any adblockers, etc, in your browser ?

the d7800 is installed in the same way, upload the openwrt image through the stock webUI.

Might end up buying this R7800. I really didn’t see a difference in download speed using this WRT32X. About the same without the router. Speedtest in routers web interface does clock it at 972.

The r7800 is a great device, but its limits are somewhere between 500-650 MBit/s WAN speed (less with sqm or VPN), for more than that, it would need NSS offloading (which isn't available).

For routing 800 MBit/s, you do want x86_64, RPi4 or r4s hardware, with VPN at those speeds, you want recent -non-Atom- x86_64. Add an OpenWrt supported 802.11ax AP of your liking, and you'll also achieve those speeds at close range over the air. The wrt3200acm is just garbage for wireless use cases, courtesy of its abandoned mwlwifi wireless (and its known interoperability issues with -among others- IoT devices and it crashing with WPA3/ 802.11w), the r7800 would be a good 802.11ac AP.

MT7621 targets are not fast enough for OpenVPN speeds anywhere near 50 Mbps. You will be lucky to get half that.

MT7621 would be a Wireguard only proposition for 50 Mbps or better, and then recognize you will not get more than around ~150 Mbps.

Disabled ad/popup blockers. Tried In private browsing, new private window, etc... does nothing! Just uploads and populates name - thats it. I did reboot into the second partition and reset that one as well. Still had prior owners login password hint.
Seriously regretting buying this router - might offload it at a pawnshop or something. Lol.

Bottom line: I just want to use Torguard VPN w/ wineguard on the router since I cant install a VPN on my Apple TV 4k devices. I use it to stream video content - entertainment (Kodi). That is what started my search for a router and interest in openwrt. Seen this one on Amazon - appears that it may work for my need. If I am not satisified, I can return it to Amazon.

OpenWrt support isn't quite there yet for the GL-AX1800. When gl-inet says it "runs on OpenWrt" they mean they modified OpenWrt to make their firmware.

What maurer said....

If you absolutely must stay under $100, a NanoPi R2S (get the metal case with it to keep it cool) plus a used all-in-one that you can use for its WiFi and switch should stay in your budget and comfortably meet your performance needs. The NanoPi R4S is well worth the extra money for future proofing, but if your budget is fixed, the R2S will do the job (~80 Mbps OpenVPN, ~300 Mbps Wireguard, ~450 Mbps SQM Cake).

I setup the GL-AX1800 Flint; using Torguard VPN w/WireGuard. Ran speedtests on my Nvidia Shield device - without VPN activated 337mbps/39mbps. VPN on 214mbps/35mbps Think this router will serve my purpose. I really like that I am able to Enable/Disable VPN client and manage router thru theri app.
Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I sincerely appreciate your help these past several days!

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I also managed to install Openwrt on the Linksys WRT32x. I was having an issue with it not installing. I was expecting a "start" button to populate/display to start the process but it appears that after uploading the fw .img file; need to click on "upload" once again for the process to start. Download speed on the WRT32x is lower than the GL-AX1800 Flint.

It's normal as there's a few years gap in the devices' tech (wifi5 vs wifi6).
I would still preffer official openwrt support in wrt32x vs flint s custom job

I setup Openwrt and Wireguard using Torguard VPN on Linksys WRT32x. I am getting download speeds on laptop and Nvidia Shield in the 400mbps range connected thru Wifi / 5ghz; disabled 2.4ghz - dont use it. I will be returning the Flint router. I used this youtube video to setup Wireguard. Hope it helps someone:

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