Best VPN 4G/5G router with battery and VPN killswitch


currently I am running a GL.iNet Slate 1800ax, it is nice but not that mobile and modems did not work properly on usb port.
I found GL.iNet MUDI E750, but this one is old and has very slow speeds and no 5G.


  • runs openWrt out of the box (like GL.iNet)
  • 4G and 5G
  • modem is inside the router (no USB modems)
  • supports mobile bands from europe
  • VPN router with killswitch
  • VPN speeds over 50 mbit
  • battery (>5000 mah)

Any suggestions?


gl.inet doesn't run openwrt, it runs their derivative.

there are very few openwrt devices with built in batteries.
AFAIK there's no battery powered 5G device supported, at all.
it'd probably be better to get something without, and use an external battery.

whatever openwrt 5G device you find, it won't be pocket size.

Ah ok, I am not that familiar with different derivates, but GLiNets is fine for me.

Battery is the least important requirement - suggestions for devices without battery?
Size is not that important, price also not.

I think NR7101 is the only 5G capable device supported, atm.

if you can live with 4G, and ~250mbit down, there's more to choose from.
cheap too.

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4G should be enough too
important is that is a bit mobile for changing locations more often

Some like netgear nighthawk series oder acer enduro connect, but with an interface that is configurable out of the box, these ones are blackboxes for users

ZTE MF286D then, cheap too, if you buy them used, often < 40€.

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