Best setup for wireless AP's with main router

I've but together an x86 router running OpenWR 19.0.4 with a couple of 10Gbit Intel cards.
I now want to add 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz wireless with a guest SSID on both, and keep it open for doing the same thing with WiFi 6 in the future.

What is a good way to do this?

If I keep the AP dumb (no DHCP, firewall etc) then my main router can handle those things but in that scenario would the main router, running OpenWRT, be able to know if the user is on the guest-network (no access to internal LAN) or not?

If I let the AP do DHCP then I guess I can put different ip ranges on the different SSID's and then in the main router do the routing.

From my perspective does it seem best if the AP got all config (SSID's, passwords etc) from the main router - for easier maintenance in one place , but I'm not sure if that is possible?

I would configure the APs as dumb, and use VLANs to trunk as many networks as you need over ethernet.

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