Best router for wireguard usecase only

I'm looking for a router which only needs to handle wireguard with up to 1Gbit/s throughput. I'm currently using a WRT1900ACS which does it's job but is too expensive and has to much "consumer" stuff (WiFi).

Are there any good routers which would be recommendable for my usecase and isn't too expensive?

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I would suggest Raspberry Pi 4B


Is it any good if I want multiple Ethernet Ports? I would probably have to divide my bandwith when having WAN and LAN zones.

Hmm 1 Gbit/s traffic with encryption.. You definitely need something powerful. Maybe something like x86 with AES-NI?
Such devices can be useful in this use case.


If the shelby does WG at 1Gb, turn off the radios and hang an AP off of it; and AES-NI offers no assist to WG.

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Oh I didn't know that. I thought AES-NI had a direct impact on encryption performance. Thank you for informing and correcting. Cheers!