Best router/device having voip port with openwrt

Hi, I tried to search if exist some openwrt device that can support VOiP. I thinking to change my Vodafone station with another device, but I can't find nothing having a voip port.
If there's no possibility to have voip support, I'm watching for a bridge wireless with raspberry pi 3 B+, and I have already tried this solution, all working perfectly but why raspberry have a limit of 10 devices?, I have tried also connecting a AWUS036NHA but this device is limited to 7 device. I can't find nothing that explain why these devices are limited. Eventually have you a solution for this too?

There seems to be some serious confusion here, let's see if we can clear things up.

What does "support VOIP" mean here? Strictly speaking, any device that can handle IP packets "supports VOIP", so OpenWrt qualifies. After all, VOIP means "Voice Over Internet Protocol", and OpenWrt obviously supports the Internet Protocol.

What's a "VOIP port"? Any Ethernet port can be used for VOIP. Or do you mean a port that has Power over Ethernet, so your Vodafone can be powered off a single Ethernet cable?

If you are using wireless to successfully connect your VOIP phone, why are you asking about a "VOIP port"? Do you want to use Ethernet instead? Have you tried connecting the phone to an Ethernet port on the OpenWrt device?

Because Raspberry Pi wireless is completely ill-suited for use as an access point, which is apparently what you're doing here.

Same reason as before, the wireless is ill-suited for use as an access point. That device is designed to connect a client (like a PC or a laptop) to a wireless network provided by a dedicated access point, not the other way around.

Actually why are you using these wireless parts anyway? Does it not work if you connect your VOIP phone to your regular wireless network? Or like I asked earlier, to one of the Ethernet ports on your OpenWrt device?

I read it that @xgabbro is looking for a router with SPA/RJ11 port, supported by OpenWrt. If that's the case, I'm not sure they exist.


better to pick up an old cisco spa(lots of model numbers can go here) unit just for the voip part

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Sorry, i'm new to the openwrt community, now i will try to explain better.
In the past you can split the phone and the data line by using a filter. Today i have a FTTC line, so the split for phone and data it think can be performed only by a router(tell me if i wrong), so im looking an openwrt router that can performe this split operation. The second option was using Vodafone station normaly, turn off the radio, and using a raspberry configured in bridge mode, so i can connect the phone to the station, and the wifi devices to the raspberry.
Regarding to the second option, it's true my wireless interface is configured as an access point, so there is no workaround for this limit?
I'm not an expert, forgive me if my language is incorrect or non-technical.

Most ISPs switched to all digital voice over IP (VoIP) in that world phones (or their base station) are simply network devices that are typically attached via ethernet to a router. You then need to configure that base station with the necessary VoIP/SIP (session initiation protocol) credentials so it can connect with your SIP-providers servers. Commercial all-in-one routers often integrate such a base station into the router and offer e.g. traditional analog phone ports (so users can keep their old devices) and/or act as DECT base station as well, so users can pair their existing DECT handsets. However that requires to run SIP/VoIP software on the router and while asterisk is a opensource SIP/VoIP software package OpenWrt does not offer this out of the box. Simpler than setting up asterisk on your router or on another computer in your network is to buy a dedicated VoIP/SIP basestation and simply put that into your home network. I think one can configure some commercial routers like AVM's Fritzbox devices to operate essentially as a stand alone VoIP base station as well and these often can be gotten used relatively cheap (assuming they sell in your market at all).

Technically, most lantiq vr9 devices (except AVM's!) with FXS ports are supported by OpenWrt with asterisk and chan_lantiq. However, configuring asterisk properly and securely does not meet everyone's definition of 'fun'...


are you also in AU ?
the vodafone device just had a built in ATA "Analogue telephone adapter"
and if it's lets you into the settings you could possibly use that
just place the openwrt router on your connection
plug in you vodafone into that & keep using the ATA
I'd kill it's wifi tho
maybe tricky to setup tho
let hope it lets you tune it into a dump ATA

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