Best practice, how to reach PXE server on different subnet/site?


Hey friends, how are you doing.

I've connected my network at home to our 2 different places where my family members live.

We all are using OpenWrt appliances now, connected to each other through Wireguard and iBGP. My location is serving as a "Hub" and the other ones as iBGP RR clients. So they all get the routes of each other, all my traffic to the other locations go through my location.

Now i've got a special case. I want to make my PXE server available for all of them. Hosting my PXE server in my subnet. How can other subnets reach this PXE server? What's the best practice here? Proxying obviously won't work, are DHCP options the way to go, or maybe DHCP relaying to the PXE server? When using DHCP Option 66 and 67, how can i differentiate between BIOS boot and UEFI boot?

I'm curious for your replies! Thanks in advance!

Your question seems quite compounded here.

Answer in part: Use an IP from the same LAN and NAT. You can add an additional IP for this purpose to the appropriate interface.

A simple solution is to setup the server using 2 IPs, one for BIOS, one for UFEI.