Best OpenWRT router for zero problems and VPN usage

Hi there!
Would appreciate if you someone could give advice on best router to use with OpenWRT for best compatibility / zero problems? Price isn't really important. Flawless work of advanced OpenConnect VPN will be needed.
Below will also be a plus:
-The faster is device, the better
-The more wi-fi bands available, the better
Thank you!

Have you seen this?

Do you consider a wired router + wireless AP combination?
Or does it have to be an all-in-one device?


You could read through this thread, though you might want to start near the end.

I am quite happy with the GL.iNet MT6000 (Flint 2) and use this with Tailscale on snapshot firmware, which is pretty solid. I believe you can get this from the GL.iNet site and Amazon in many places.


I'm with @dnd here, segregation of duties, wired router + AP.

This might help for reference:

Hi! Has to be all-in-one

Thanks yes I've read about GL.iNet MT6000 in the first place but then read about it's issues in its own thread, so now I'm wondering if there's any device which does not have all those bugs but just works stable

I don't think there an all-in-1 device that is bug free. You need to set your expectations a bit lower and prepare for some bugs and work with this community to fix or workaround it.


More discussion means more people using it, See RT-AX53U install page full of warnings, though it is ideally working.