Best OpenWrt capable device for USB 3.0 tethering

Hi guys,

I am running openWRT for many years flawless in my office.

Currently I am looking for a new router, that can tether the 5G connection from a connected Android Smartphone via USB 3.0.

Good Hardware Quality and Wifi 6 would be nice.

Any recommendations?

I greatly appreciate your Help

Thomas pick one with a USB 3 port (scroll right, not many of those on the list).

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My hw also applies... But not in the list as it is x86_64

Those usually don't come with a usable AX radio OotB.

Sure.. it has the antenna holes and you can add any wifi card you want

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that's why it isn't on the list...
a MT AX card will probably be more expensive than a AX router anyway.

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…and hardly any small'ish x86_64 device allows running more than one WLAN card (due to the lack of mini-PCIe/ m.2 ports); ignoring the cost of 2-3 AP capable cards.

Admittedly, Mediatek has made DBDC 'popular', so a single card could cover both bands. Heat dissipation and power consumption remain as a rather big problem for wifi6 cards though.

thanks for your help. I filtert @frollic posted list here for me:

Long story short, i am going to dismiss the idea of inbuilt wifi 6 and will look for a single board computer. I think the NanoPi R4S will serve my needs. Any complaints?

Seems you filter's b0rked, try this.