Best LAN to Wifi router running openwrt

Which is best router for lan to wifi performance running openwrt. I have read about Netgear R7800 even its wifi is the bottleneck on 160MHz radios. 1Gbps connection thread is locked so posting here.

if you're looking in the 1Gbps range, don't get a home router.
Use some other device as router, and use routers (or APs) as APs.

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which AP supports 1Gps wifi?

openwrt based ? none, AFAIK.

there's some progress in the AX router area, but officially, there's only a hand ful of those supported -
AX capable units

The Linksys and the Belkin is the same device, rebranded, it seems to max out around 400Mbit/s or so.
It probably applies to all the the supported AX devices.

You wrote 1Gbps connection, not 1Gbps wifi.

it will only act as AP openwrt support might not be required as long as I can push 1Gbps between LAN to Wifi

Asus RT-AX86U is supported by Asus-merlin only right now.

Broadcom, the chances of it getting openwrt (with decent wifi functionality) are pretty slim.

the problem is I can't find any commercial/ enterprise grade APs which could push out 1GBps LAN to wifi.

I can imagine most commercial products are more about users per device, than throughput per user, and rather have thee slower radios inside, than one fast.

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500$ device - pricey !

that is for AX1100