Best Free VPN for OpenWrt WireGuard or OpenVPN

I have been reading forum and looking for the best Free VPN, bear in mind I am new to OpenWrt.

The main application is for when I am accessing BT-Wifi Hotspots (Paid hotspots I get free from my home ISP) for when I am away from home.

Although I quite like the idea of VPN from home if I can get my head around it.

These hotspots give unencrypted wifi signal, I gather that they give every user a different subnet, in fact I think you get a different subnet for every connection that is not extended or if you connect to a different router.

It is a bit weird, you only see one BT-Wifi if you are on a phone or laptop, but if you search on a router (including some stock firmware) you can see the different networks and can lock onto them by their mac address.

What I really want is a VPN that I can just install and forget but that is not super slow, there may be other requirements but I am not experienced enough to know what they might be.

Are there other VPN's I should be considering?

Which is easiest to install?

What are pro's and con's of Wireguard vs OpenVPN

Or am I better off just hardening the setup of OpenWrt?

Any thoughts on this?

WireGuard is preferable for better performance and easier configuration.


doesn't hotspot have basic admin page? I didn't heard of portable router that can't set wifi password