Best CLI tools for monitoring bandwidth, ports, hw, etc.?

Occationally I SSH into OpenWrt and leave a couple monitoring tools running for bandwidth and hardware, usually bmon and htop. Since there is a lot running on the router (Routing, Firewall, dhcp, SQM, Samba, Adblock, httpd, USB3 storage, Docker, vpn, etc.) it's good to see visual feedback of how things are doing.

Any suggestions for better tools for this that can be installed via opkg? Looking for colorful feedback/visual graphs and less text, in other words nicest looking visually.

Example screenshot from my PC below from my wrt32x running bmon and htop:


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Thanks I'm also looking for something to monitor the firewall activity, I saw nftwatch on a Linux firewall thread but don't think it works on openwrt. Hoping there is a utility on opkg I don't yet know about.

monitor what, AFAIK nothing is beeing logged anywhere ...

in terminal, btop is another favorite of mine. FYI.. It looks best without tmux... and yes tmux for any installs in case of disconnects etc. For web based, NetData is my goto. Mac/iPhone also recommend webSSH client... it syncs over iCloud all the connections.