Best available bypass of Chinese firewall?

I live in China. I have tried all the major VPN providers and have had unending issues with them. Does anybody perhaps know of solutions to the great firewall issue.
I am using a Netgear R7000 flashed to openWRT

Probably this one:

Foreign SIM card + LTE modem. E.g. a China Unicom card that you hopefully can get through a friend in Hong Kong. Yes, this is data roaming.

Buy vps in Hong Kong. Set up v2ray server with tls and websocket. Install v2ray and luci-app-v2ray on your openwrt device. Enjoy ))

Just make sure that you don't buy a vps from aliyun: they ban accounts that set up such proxies. And they monitor VPSes for "forbidden" process names.

You can you use ali, just put v2ray in podman/docker and clean all aliyun software from vps.

Hi there
Is there any tutorial about how to install and run V2ray on OpenWrt?
Would you share it?
Appreciate that