Best Adblock list to nuke youtube ads?

Hi all,

New OpenWrt user here. I'm working with Adblock for the first time and trying to tune which lists to use. I've noticed that YouTube video ads aren't being blocked by any of the lists I'm using and wondering if anyone has a little guidance on that front? I'm currently using the following lists:

adaway (S, mobile)
adguard (L, general)
adguard_tracking (S, tracking)
android_tracking (S, tracking)
easyprivacy (M, tracking)
games_tracking (S, tracking)
notracking (XL, tracking)
openphish (S, phising)
phising_army (S, phising)
smarttv_tracking (S, tracking)
spam404 (S, general)
stopforumspam (S, spam)
whocares (M, general)

Any help is appreciated.

Also, I noticed that OfferUp picture uploads are also borking. Anyone have an idea how to track down the URL from a mobile phone so I can whitelist the URL?


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There are no lists for YT, those ads can't be blocked based on FQDNs.


Not related to openwrt, but you could install the following apk

Or use a browser with an adblocker.


I have Adlock installed on a few computers and it does well against YouTube ads, but it's also pretty aggressive and causes recurring oddities across a slew of sites which is why I was in search of a solution front-end solution for universal blocking. I can tell now that I need to leave Adlock running for YouTube and handle URL-based blocking through the router.


Oops sorry, new phone and stubby fingers means I deleted my reply by accident :joy:

I now use newpipe for YouTube streaming and the only ads you get are those the creator puts in the video from sponsors. You can import your playlists etc so works great for me.
Only thing you cannot do is add comments to videos.


Can't do url based blocking in the router, that's why YT won't block.
I guess you meant DNS.


Not possible by adblock, or PiHole/AdGuard, those ads serving from the same domain which you cannot use any DNS based solution to block them (otherwise the whole YouTube would be unable to connect as well)

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