Best 2021 OpenWrt WiFi

It's time to upgrade the r6220 to something with with usable supported 2.4GHz WiFi. I was going to order the r7800, but I can't find anywhere that has it in stock in Canada. Was it discontinued? What is something similar or better?

You probably should mention your budget and Internet speed.


Budget is basically unlimited within the realm of routers. I don't care about internet throughput as I'll be limited by WiFi throughput. I tried a 802.11ax router and was only able to get ~80mbit from the room I care about most.

I want reliable, consistent, low ping WiFi. This is the primary concern. The Archer C7 fit the bill, but I gave that to somebody with WiFi issues and now I have an opportunity to get myself something even better.

why 2.4 ? imho forget about performance over 2.4GHz band

bestbuy is claiming stock and on sale.

Note dana44's location.

I did, as that is where I reside.

I just typed in Netgear R7800 in Best Buy Canada website,
Ended up with the following: 0 results

What are you typing in?

this is what pops up for me.

That link displays Netgear C2600, not R7800 for me.

presumably the same thing.

Best Buy Canada image is the R7450.


I need good 5GHz and 2.4GHz. I call out 2.4GHz due to my r6220 working wonderfully for my 5GHz needs, but being bad enough on 2.4GHz I need to replace the device for my home.

I went from WRT3200ACM to the Ubiquiti ER-X and a few of their APs. If you only get APs supported by OpenWrt (UAP-AC family), you can flash OpenWrt on both router and AP, I also have an older UAP-AP, so I decided to keep original firmware on both APs and use unifi controller (you can use a mobile app, but it doesn't have as many options) to manage them. If you don't have a local computer/server to run unifi controller, you can probably run it on a free Google Cloud or Oracle Cloud instance.

ER-X I got from amazon for like $60 and for APs I scouted FB Marketplace. If you only get the one older UAP-AP, you can power it thru Passive PoE eth4 port on ER-X, making it a neat setup.

If that single core MediaTek MT7621ST works fine for you,
Perhaps the current router models using the MediaTek MT7621AT dual core will suit your needs.
e.g. D-Link DIR-882 rev A1, DIR-2640, Netgear R6850 and so on...

Caveat: Models mentioned uses snapshots, so LuCI will need to be installed manually.

You can get the tp-link archer C2600 on, for 130.

I would not recommend tp-link,
Quality control is not up to par with a Netgear R7800.

I unfortunately bought/have two C2600. :frowning:

It's highly likely that this is really due to radio interference in the region around your home, unless you're in a highly rural area, and an arms race to louder APs is likely the reason. What you really need is to get your neighbors to STOP SHOUTING so loud. Barring that, which is virtually impossible, get yourself a second AP and wire it into your network so that it's closer to the desired area. @stangri has good ideas. I also like the TP-Link commercial APs, EAP225

Thanks for sharing! Does the Omada mobile app offer same range of control over APs as the Omada Software/Hardware controller? With Ubiquiti, you kinda have to have software/hardware controller, because the app features are very limited.

I actually haven't tried the omada app. I had the software controller running on my PC, then when I upgraded my PC rather than reinstall it I added the hardware controller. I just log into the web interface on the hardware controller. I prefer not to have proprietary apps on my phone :wink:

The omada system is very good though.