Belkin RT3200 + Modem + AdguardHome on Raspberry ethernet

Hello there,

I finally installed OpwnWrt on my Belkin RT3200 with the latest release today. I connected the Belkin RT3200 to my Modem to get an internet connection. The internet connection is working fine and well.
Now I want to connect my Rapberry Pi with installed AdguardHome to my Belkin RT3200 with ethernet cable. I set the Raspberry Pi on my OpenWrt on static IP with I set the Port on AdguardHome to 5335. I set the DNS forwardings to on my OpenWrt. But nothing is not getting blocked by AdguardHome and I don't see any Client's on AdguardHome. Btw I set the Upstream DNS server on AdguardHome to The Teststream is working fine.

Please help how do I get it connected with listed Clients with blocking Ads.

Post this rule.

Why not simply tell your clients, the DNS IP is, via the DHCP?

yeah I know it but is there a way that every connection goes through Adguard instead of setting the DNS manually on every device ?

You want the 6, option

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This is how is looking right now on my OpenWrt. I don‘t know what should I type in the section static leases.


This is not what you need/want.

Is there a way that all traffic goes trough the adguardhome without setting the dns from adguardhome on every device. I mean. If a device connects to the router I want that automatically adguard blocks ads on the device.

It doesn't need to go "through" it, the clients need to use it as their DNS, which the link you've been given solves, without hard coding it on each device.

Study the link posted.

You will probably also need down the road.

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