Belkin RT3200/Linksys E8450 WiFi AX discussion

Has anyone else observed 802.11ax speeds fall off dramatically with distance, much more so than 802.11ac?

My wife's MacBook Pro supports 802.11ax but I noticed her SpeedTest (Ookla) results were far slower than mine.

I disabled all networks and set up a single 802.11ax network just for her on channel 120 with 80mhz width.

Leaving the MacBook in the same location, her speeds on 802.11ax would be fairly abysmal. Changing the network from AX to AC would reliably increase her upload speeds by 4,586% from around 15 Mbps to 680 Mbps and download speeds by 78% from 330 to 480 Mbps.

Moving the laptop super close to the station would bring 802.11ax levels closer to 802.11ac, but is there any logical reason why speeds fall off so dramatically for 802.11ax over 802.11ac?

Observing this on both the development snapshot build (commit ce90ba1) and on 22.03.0-rc3.

edit: found a thread mentioning this same issue

Added more notes in the other thread:

Bringing the TX power down a bit or moving the band from 80Mhz to 40Mhz does bring the upload speeds closer to 802.11ac (about 280 Mbps), but at the cost of lowering download speeds and still nowhere near enough not to just drop AX in favor of AC like @dsouza.

It also, TBH, just doesn't make sense - isn't 802.11ax supposed to increase throughput, theoretically?