Belkin RT1800 slower speeds after installation

Hi there, super new to openwrt. As title suggests, I have a Belkin RT1800 and after installing openwrt, my speeds have dropped dramatically.

My internet plan is 500 down / 20 up. I have installed adblock and sqm, otherwise untouched. Sqm settings are 98% of advertised speeds from ISP, cake, piece of cake. I followed the recs found here in this reddit thread. All tests were ran via

On stock firmware, my speeds were as follows:

(format: download - jitter - ping - upload)


TEST1: 587.67 1.5 15.0 22.09
TEST2: 591.13 0.5 13.0 23.14
TEST3: 611.99 0.5 14.0 22.68

BELKIN RT1800: WIRELESS (5g band)
TEST1: 416.52 0.5 13.0 22.88
TEST2: 487.5 1.0 11.0 22.71
TEST3: 492.6 3.5 15.0 23.16

After openwrt:

TEST1: 125.39 2.0 14.0 17.63
TEST2: 127.29 2.5 16.0 14.16
TEST3: 123.34 2.0 11.0 17.2

WIRELESS (5g band)

TEST1: 64.1 1.5 9.0 17.21
TEST2: 71.92 0.50 8.0 17.05
TEST3: 74.84 7.5 14.0 17.11

Could anyone point me in any direction to help improve my connection? I really want to enjoy the features of openwrt over stock firmware, but with this performance, I'm better off using stock firmware or a different router.

SQM inparticular is very demanding on the CPU, but mt7621a as a SOC is not very fast - it relies heavily on very well optimized networking drivers and offloading to the hardware, thanks to that it can achieve close to 1 GBit/s via hardware flow-offloading.

…but sqm can't be offloaded (as the kernel needs to be in charge about the fate of each individual packet). I would not expect mt7621a to meet your throughput requirements with sqm.

Beyond this, I kind of doubt that the OEM firmware offers to sqm support to begin with, so your comparative benchmarks are flawed in this regard (you'd need to test either both with- or without sqm).

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is your internet connection PPPoE or IPoE?

Gotcha I think I understand. Weird because I feel like I've read a few reviews/user experiences with this router running sqm/qos successfully. Do you suggest any other budget routers (below $50 usd) that would have better performance?

Going to be honest, I have no idea as I do not have a lot of networking experience. It is a standard Spectrum package

Ok, seems to be IPoE aka DHCP.

If you disable adblock do your speeds increase?

Sure, you can run sqm on this hardware without any problems - just not at 1 GBit/s throughput (more like a tenths of that). If you have a VDSL or LTE, that limit might not even be noticable either.