Belkin rt 3200 bloqueo de anuncios

Tengo un belkin rt3200 le instale Openwrt y soy nuevo en todo esto busque un tutorial para bloquear las publicidades pero no me bloquea nada

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I have a belkin rt3200, I installed Openwrt and I am new to all this, I looked for a tutorial to block ads but it doesn't block anything

It is not meant to do so. You must add a package and find how to configure it.

Hola Franklin,

Puedo ayudar para mejorar tu privacidad y bloquear anuncios via dns en tu red local pero comentaré en inglés.

I'm going to recommend you this packages.

To install via shell:

  • DNSCrypt To encrypt your DNS via DoH with Cloudflare/Google but I would recommend to keep with just Cloudflare or Quad9

Just follow the instructions very simple.

Use the website dnsleak to check your dns, if you stick with cloudflare just confirm you have DoH working with their website

or use quad9 website to confirm that dns is being encrypted.

Step 2:

Install Adblock-lean

  • Adblock-lean is a new and small package that filters all your dns request via dnsmasq, very versatile and easier to setup, it will work in conjunction with DNSCrypt in order to hijack DNS that is hard-coded with other devices in your network.

this is also the thread in case you have questions.

after that, you can do extra tweaks to your router with dnscrypt using their extra recommendations.

This setup should take more than 20 minutes to being running, of course this depends on your skills and experience with terminal.