Belkin N750DB (F9K1103-V1) firmware

I have an F9K1103-V1 router. I successfully installed the firmware for F9K1109V1 to my router. There is not any special procedure to follow. Simply download this firmware and flash it accordingly.

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sorry but openwrt doesn't work on belkin n750 router F9K1103V1. brick and death. thanks


I am sorry to hear that. My router is running Openwrt nicely. It is a F9(1103V1.

Here is the screenshot of it.

You can recover this router easily.

Good luck.

Hi. thanks.
I was researching some methods and came across this for a secure OpenWrt update

OEM recovery method to apply OpenWrt or original firmware

Verified method

  • Press and hold the reset button when plugging in (for at least 3 seconds after plugging it in)
  • Connect to a Lan port
  • Set the IP of the computer in
  • Browse to (IE, Chrome, Mozilla)
  • Click the Browse ... button and select the .bin file and then click APPLY


Hi there.
Can I flash this via the GUI if I am running Padavan's firmware?

Yes, definitely. I did mine the same way.

Faruk Tezcan

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