Beginners Build Guide Help EA6500 v1

Been trying to get my Debian setup correctly for potentially looking into how I can create a firmware for the EA6500 v1 which is long overdue imho if there are working versions in china floating around and such.

I run into issues here in the guide:
Log in and open the terminal again when it has rebooted.

su -
apt install linux-headers-amd64 make sudo

it basically tells me the package is outdated or is available through other sources?

I don't just want to go grabbing it from other sources say if it is something that is no longer needed with deb 10 for instance or it is an outdated methodology of doing so. The guide is for deb 9.3 I get this but the OSBOX images go back from 10 to 9.7 to 8.1.1 9.3 is not there though 9.7 uses the same code name I can't see a reason why 10 may not work just as well. So trying to get this right the initial setup of the I assume is critical or maybe it is not?

Mainly I'd like to ensure security updates the ea6500 china builds work great although they are tomato it would be nice to make OpenWrt possible unless something is strictly prohibiting it from working. The last tomato build was from 2015 that is some time ago. As far as using DDWRT I have ran into stability issues with this firmware on a fairly consistent basis and I have determined that it is not the avenue I'd like to continue down for all of this after several routers that wound up in bricked states I'm comfortable saying that tomato has done the best job while it may be insecure so with lack of options this is the only path I can see for the ea6500v1.

For me there is something important about the EA6500v1 a little bit of history about it it is the last router that was developed by Cisco before leaving the consumer division. Not that I am a company fan boy so to speak but I cannot discount the type of player they have been over the years in networking equipment so I have stuck with this wifi AP because of the history of it. I really thing Cisco should have stuck with consumer hardware division and kept it fairly competitive. So as a statement I have kinda held back and will continue to hold back from upgrade path's until things improve and a wider adoption of .ax occurs. The thing is plenty powerful and at an unbeatable price point I keep purchasing them when I have the chance for this reason.

So there you have it the full story of why I am choosing to learn the firmware building and the first issue I encountered.

Sorry if it seems a bit long and the punctuation is lacking. I suck at being punctual sometimes.

Update your sources, then run the install commands again. Basic package management :slightly_smiling_face:

$ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install linux-headers-amd64 make sudo

No idea what guide you're following though, you don't need any host OS kernel headers to build OpenWrt, from what I know.

I don't think you need linux-headers-amd64

Looking through my notes I see I used in July

apt install build-essential git gitk libncurses5-dev gawk unzip wget curl ccache rsync zlib1g-dev

gitk and rsync are not required. ccache is optional if you don't use it for your builds. I include them as I find them helpful the way I do development.

Thanks guys but it was a matter of me allowing in in software settings man I haven't used much linux over the years it really occurs to me I'm really not that intuitive with linux with the exception of my routers going to be a tall order it seems never did use gnome much mandrake with xwindows or something like that and mythtv years and years ago obviously a bit different everything on deb seems to be terminal based call me whatever but I do love GUI's not having to type to my computer everything I want it to do is always a bonus to me a few clicks of a mouse and your golden.

Just remain aware that there is no chance to support the BCM4360 && BCM4331 WLAN of your device, 'ever'.

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Why would this be "ever" I can see that there is tomato or ddwrt so there must be something out there.

Why is it that a person would not be able to support wifi?

Is there some feature that allows tomato to support it or ddwrt to support it and have it work just fine?

I see this while it is for ubuntu dunno about it but I guess there should be some way if other firmwares can support it.

Because of all those reasons.

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you can still use it... they make good wired routers < 50mb...

team it up with something else ( non broadcom ) in dumb-ap mode and your away...

22:12:19 up 2 days, 11:42,  load average: 0.00, 0.01, 0.00

Thanks for sharing I'm giving the new DDWRT a try so far so good. Connection speeds are about the same finally with DDWRT as they are with that old version of Tomato. I did have an initial issue of my routers getting bricked with DDWRT I'd run them for a few weeks and they would go into some unrecoverable mode or something it was messed up its only been a day so fingers are crossed.

I still am interested in the building process though to a degree I don't really have anything I can use outside of these routers unfortunately I really love how they function for the price I have 4 AP's running to cover my entire property and enable good connection on my 8 camera security system.

What is the best OpenWRT router to your knowledge that is currently supported that sells at a reasonable rate AC or better 20 dollar range used? I put OpenWRT on a netgear wifi extender man did that ever give that little wifi extender a lot of options that did not exist.

So it appears that these blobs or whatever are the actual drivers but there isn't enough data out or something... I kind of wonder why someone could not use an exploit like broadpwn or something to get the data that is unknown and just design or edit a driver around this. I get having FOSS but there is really nothing against this type of thing editing drivers and releasing them as improved versions should fall under the same rules as improving your phone. Your phone and your router are very similar in nature.

Thanks for the thought and the reply but gotta use the wifi with it I have a capable wired router doing roughly 2million PPS full gigabit speeds even slightly higher in some cases.

We have a separate forum section for questions like this one.
Please ask your question in Hardware Questions and Recommendations.

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You bet I'll stay on topic and let it be at that.

I`ll try to build an OpenWrt firmware to my EA6500 V1, but I'm not sure if it'll be as good as on my TL-WR2543ND, cuz I'm on DD-WRT now and I have a lot stability issues with it. I would like to know if you could get this build on and this is better than the DD-WRT one..

There are 2 paths to building. Both links have copy/paste windows for Linux build dependencies.

Building from Source:

Image Builder - assembles pre-built binary components into an image:

jakoritarleite yeah I can surely load the build have a couple of routers available for use I did manage to find a version of tomato from china that works superb with this router actually which I found rather interesting. It was a build from 2015 actually kinda bummed they didn't keep up as this was the last true cisco made router for end users before cisco home division was sold out. I'm still faithful to this router v2 is when the switch started anything after that I believe was netgear if I am not mistaken that took over. Just let me know when and where to obtain it. Its not like this equipment is not worth using from my experience it does well I use a seemless setup have 3 of them running to cover my property actually. If we need to make a new topic for this discussion please post me the link to it or let me know some how.