Beaglebone black revision B support

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I have around 20 x Beaglebone Black rev. B board with casing and I would like to make use of them! Therefore, I am interested in bringing support for this board. I don't need any graphics, as the board is equiped with serial.

The beaglebone has an ARM Cortex-A8 processor (AM3358BZCZ100), 2GB of flash and 512 of RAM. One lan port. Power consumption is very low, with the board only requiring 210-460mA @5V depending on activity and processor speed. Nice spec to make a small appliance.

Supporting the BeagleBone should be easy, as it ships with Debian preinstalled. To flash a new firmware, you only need to connect a flash card, start the Beaglebone and dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX bs=1M count=8. If this fails, you can flash back the original image.

OpenWRT seems to work:

LEDE pages are still empty:

I will follow
and report ...

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I found this:

Have you tried LEDE, using the same method you linked to for OpenWRT? This information is from 2 years ago, ie., before LEDE was forked, so you might be able to load LEDE using the same method.

Maybe this is a very old topic, because I can build for exactly same BBB:
From Menuconfig select:

  1. Target System (TI OMAP3/4/AM33xx)
  2. Target Profile (TI AM335x BeagleBone Black)

It is a different story that flashing this on the on-board eMMC does not work.

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Sorry, I will not try to add support for Beaglebone Black rev. B. So feel free to pick-up this project ...

How to flash to the on-board eMMC?