BCM6362 ADSL Binaries

Was wondering if anyone would be interested in some (I think) are ADSL binary drivers for the bcm6362.

I do realise that OpenWRT doesn't officially support DSL in their firmware but I thought this would be the best place to post them.


Posting the license for those binaries along with them would be considered good practice by many. It's arguably dissemination of "warez" to violate the license agreement.

(I do believe that there are some OpenWrt devices that support xDSL.)

Correct, but not Broadcom DSL.

  • Broadcom has not released any FOSS drivers. Broadcom doesn’t support open-source much at all.

  • LEDE / OpenWrt use only FOSS drivers. Fully open-source support for Broadcom DSL chips does not exist.

from https://openwrt.org/meta/infobox/broadcom_dsl

I don’t have any licenses whatsoever, use at your own risk.