Battery powered wifi router with OpenWrt support?

Are there any battery powered wifi routers with OpenWrt/Lede support?

There were some TPLINK devices few years ago but it seams that they have been discontinued. Are there any other that anyone is playing with?

dont know about pre-built, but you could hook any router that accepts 12V input to a car battery and probably get a week of wifi.

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True, but most consumer routers that I had my hands on have usually have voltage regulators that don't allow 12V unfortunately :frowning:

Do you know od any device that has build in battery of support for 12V power supply?

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I use a Xiaomi Mi Mini on a 12V battery. It is a dualband ac-router.

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@htmt do you connect Xiaomi Mini directly to 12V battery or use step-down DC/DC converter?

Most of router running 12v DC source. I have many tplink router original running 9v but work with 12v without issue.

It is connected directly. The original adapter is 12V DC, 1A.

I've only seen: 5V, 12V and 12-48V...sometimes 9V)

If your device is 5V, you can use the hardware from a car USB charger. All other voltages will work on 12V (even 9V - it's close enough for most devices).

@tmomas I have gone trough the list and it seams that all battery powered devices are discontinued :frowning:
Do you know of any device that can be still bought internationally?

GL.iNet MIFI configurable from the factory store
The Verizon version is available in the US Amazon store

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Does anyone know if GL.iNet has EU distributors that have GL-MiFi 4G Smart Router router with battery?


openplatform routers like banana pi r1 or r2 both support builtin lithium batteries they may not be pretty but you can do a heck of alot with them more then any normal router