BATMAN ADV protocol mesh

i tried to established batman mesh protocol in arduino yun as expalined by link below:[]=batman

after changing /etc/config/wireless and /etc/config/network files as said in the link, i rebooted the yun but when i go inside the luci i see mesh interface is down.

also the same link says to check by using:
With the mesh up and the network configuration done, you should see bat0 in the output of ip link . The output of batctl o and/or batctl n should indicate that the various batman-adv nodes are “seeing” each other over the mesh.

when i did 'ip link' in ssh i dont see bat0 interface and 'batctl n' shows bat0 not found or batman-adv not found error message..? whereas if i check wireless signals on laptop i can see node1 and mesh signal made from above process

can any body help to make mesh interface up or how to solve this situation?

Did you install the relevant kmod?

yes i installed kmod-batman-adv
and batctl as well

Does the output of iw phy show that it has mesh capabilities?

You'd bee looking for sections like (from a different device):

        Supported interface modes:
                 * IBSS
                 * managed
                 * AP
                 * monitor
                 * mesh point
                 * P2P-client


        valid interface combinations:
                 * #{ managed } <= 16, #{ AP, mesh point } <= 16, #{ IBSS } <= 1,

yes it does show mesh capabilities