Basic Dumb AP Configuration - Can't update opkg list


I just installed OpenWrt 19.07.1 on my Netgear R7800, and I only need it to serve as a Dumb AP. So I followed the instructions on the documentation page, and everything is working correctly, with the exception that I can't download the package list updates, (or install packages), from the R7800, using the OpenWrt GUI at System -> Software.

I have the R7800 connected to my Ethernet LAN using wired switch port 1, configured with a fixed IPv4 address, and nothing connected to the WAN port, (or any other wired port). For Wireless, I enabled both radios using the same SSID and WPA2 key, bridged to the one LAN port, and wireless clients can connect and access to the internet without issue.

It's just the R7800 that can't get to the internet. I feel like I've missed a step, but don't know for sure.


It's been a while since i've used a dumb ap, but i can't recall ever being able to install packages while it was being used as a dumb ap, i always set up normally first as main device, installed what was needed, then set up as dumb ap (maybe someone else has been able to).

If you did it with LuCI, make sure default gateway is set, I noticed when changing the initial dumbap setup it didn't accept '' if the address was already that.

In addition to gateway, you also need to specify the DNS server. Usually

Run diagnostic and ping. What is the error message or what is the resulting message e.g. packet loss etc.?

Three weeks ago I set up a Netgear R6220 as dumb AP and was able to download samba packages for setting up the R6220 as an AP and NAS.
Initially I had good internet through the device when connected with laptop or mobile, but, when I attempted to update the software package list or ping, it would show no internet. But, when disabled the firewall service and set my DNS to (my pihole) it allowed me to get the software packages and 100% packets received.

See this thread - same issue.

Thanks for all the quick responses, (and to hnyman for the answer!).

I had defined the gateway IPv4 address, but not the "custom DNS server". Once I set it, (to the same IPv4 address as the gateway), my R7800 was able to download the opkg list correctly.

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