Basic configuration with OpenVPN client - can't manage to work

Hi everyone,

after multiple tries, reading various documentations, etc nothing makes sense anymore, kindly require your help.

I have a TP-Link Archer C60 v3 router, it has 4 LAN ports and 1 WAN port.

The intended setup is as follows:

  • Main Router (not running OpenWRT) is conencted to Internet and running well - IP:
    I want to achieve the following:
  • OpenWRT device to be connected to the Main Router through ethernet cable
  • WIFI open on the OpenWRT device
  • OpenVPN connected to an external provider (Surfshark)
  • Then all clients should connect to the WIFI on OpenWRT, and access Internet through the OpenVPN tunnel

I have tried multiple setups but unable to make it work.

Basically, I am able to connect the OpenWRT to the Main Router through a cable on the LAN 1 port, as an Access point with static IP address ( and let the Main Router handle DNS and DHCP. I do this editing the LAN interface as per one of the 'dumb' guides I read.

I am also able to create an OpenVPN interface and connect to the service provider

However I am not able to 'route' the traffic of clients connected to the OpenWRT device through the VPN. They basically go to the Internet without VPN.

I think the best approach is to reset the OpenWRT and start all over again.
Any advice on how to setup this? I am using LUCI as well.

Your desired configuration seems to be at odds with "dumb AP" mode, you need your router to be routing (WAN as uplink, start with the defaults, double NAT - you can drop that later, if desired (unlikely, for this particular use case of exclusively providing VPN tunneled internet access)).

Your issue is very similar to this thread... it has to do with the gateway that your client devices are using. There are some ways to address this in the thread... figuring out which is the best method for your needs all depends on what your goals and constraints are.