Base suggest: Make -j Add detailed error log filter output log files

Make -j 8
Add detailed error log filter file output to make it easier to trace and troubleshoot errors. Such as the build_error.log

time make V=s world -j$(nproc) 2>&1 | tee build.log | grep -i error

Have you enabled logs under developer options? That saves per-package, per-phase logs.

The one enhancement I could see was indicating which package/phase failed.

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hi jeff, These two configuration options are already Y, What I mean is to just print out the build_error.log filter make -j8 error details log. Make-j1 is slow to find detailed errors...

The reason you need to -j1 V=s or -j1 V=sc is because of the fact that error tracing in a multi-threaded environment is a nightmare. You have something that causes an error but doesn't fatal the build until much later on when the threads produce a product. The whole point of -j1 is to cycle through each build one at a time, so that any error will dump the build right then.

I use -j9 myself when building, but for an error, you need to just drop it back and work it out.

you don't need to add -j1 parameter for single thread; make V=s is enough.
or make -j 3 V=s if you know what you're doing..