Bandwidth / Traffic monitoring similar to Asuswrt

Hi, I'd like to know if openwrt has some of the same features as Asuswrt, such as traffic analyzer, traffic monitoring, openvpn routing/reporting, DNS base filtering, etc.
Here are some screenshots of the features I'm looking for:

Any help would be amazing. :+1:

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Have a look at luci-app-nlbwmon for a start.


That monitors traffic usage? I need something to monitor top sites per client and probably time spent.

Check it out -


I will check it out. Thanks

It's almost perfect but it's missing the destination IP address. :frowning:

did you install both " luci-app-nlbwmon" this is luci package aka with GUI?

can I move this database to USB too? by changing this directory to USB mount location?


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Added bonus I forgot about - click on connections or MAC for extra details in the GUI.

Apparently that might be a privacy issue in some (?) jurisdictions.

There is another such tool too, Netdata


@KOA I install Netdata, it's awesome, but could it show the network traffic by IP?

Netdata requires good hardware too.
How is your device setup? AP or router?

I just install Netdata on my TP-Link Archer C7 V4, it works.
It seems the performance is ok.