Bandwidth Realtime Monitor

I'm searching a package to show current bandwidth speed in LUCI. Something similar to bmon or iftop, but on LUCI. If it's able to gather current bandwidth per IP it is even better.
I've already tried luci-app-wrtbwmon and it's what I am looking for, but it IPv6 is not working.
Do you have any recommendation?

What's bandwidth speed ?

Current bandwidth traffic per Interface or per IP

Bandwidth is the currently available max speed, it has nothing to do with actual usage.

Which one are you looking for ?

I probably explained myself badly. I want to see the speed of the currently used bandwidth. For example if a device is downloading something at 5Mb/s, I would like to see it. Something similar to bmon (per Interface) or iftop (per IP)

You should skip the term bandwidth, it's just confusing.

Have a look at

Note, if you don't store the usage data externally, it'll get lost every time the router is restarted.

I have already checked those packages, I am asking if someone knows new packages that do realtime per IP monitoring and work with IPv6

I assume you already tried Monitoring bandwidth used per user. (Because metered internet.) - #58 by wangbj ?

I have tried luci-app-nlbwmon, but it doesn't show realtime traffic usage as iftop or as luci-app-wrtbwmon

Managed to get luci-app-wrtbwmon working with IPv6 by installing manually ip6tables-zz-legacy

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