Bandwidth control of each device connected to an Access point through WAN

I am working on a project with the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B and making it as an access point. Is there any way for me to connect all my devices in a single WAN interface and control the bandwidth of each device? I've tried the SQM QoS but that only controls the sum of the download/upload speed of the devices.

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Just be aware that the wireless side of the RPi4 is very limited and sub-par compared to even the cheapest 'real' wireless routers, even before considering concurrent dual-band or range. It usually makes sense to leave it off altogether and to use a dedicated AP instead.

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I tried using WAN for Rpi and I wasn't getting any internet connection. So I switch to using wlan and tried nft-qos but it does not have any changes to the speed of any of my devices. Does nft-qos works for wlan for AP or does it need to be in router mode?

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