Banana Pi R3 vs RPi4 for router

Hi !
those who have a BPI R3, do you think the small heatsinks are necessary on the chips ? i saw some reseller have an option for a big heatsink, or a big heatsink + a fan :


is it really useful? I'm afraid this fan is really noisy

I'd be more concerned about the heat from the WLAN cards...

they are actualy below the heatsink in the picture

I wonder if the small heatsinks offered in other options are really effective, they look really small to me.


Two thoughts on passive cooling.

Create a chimney effect by vertically mounting the board. Hotter air rises out vents in the top and pulls cooler air in through bottom vents.

An alternative is to thermally couple to the case to increase the surface area.

Heatsink + fan is recommended , the bpi r3 enclosure has not vent, with the passive cooling temperature will raise over 75C , I have 60 x 60 x10 mm heatsink with a small fan on the top, this are the last 6 day stats

i guess the fan is noisy isn't it ?

I can't comment about the bpi r3 heatsink + fan they are selling now, I use 2 pin low noise fan, almost imperceptible. 3 pin fan are controlled by the temp and not always are running so they are more quiet.

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Does the Bpi R3 has a supported HW offloading like MT7621/MT7622 ?

I just found the datasheet, so i guess YES ?


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Check this thread: Use mtk sdk HWNAT driver to replace hw flow offload

Unfortunately, I've never managed to compile firmware, so this is not a solution for me... :sob:

well i found the answer here :

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How did you add the Thermal Sensor to Statistics?

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opkg update
opkg install lm-sensors
opkg install collectd-mod-sensors
opkg install collectd-mod-thermal


opkg install luci-app-statistics

i have a few glitches in thermal zone, what should be in these locations? a graphic?

And in "sensors", the temp in the 1st graph can't be that low, it's +20°C in my room.

The sensors wrong temp reading is an old issue, hasn't been fixed
For the glitches in thermal zone, the plugin can configured with just the active thermal zone.

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This, I need to know if it can route 1 Gbps WAN with SQM and if there's come CPU left over after.
I will be turning off the wifi as I don't need it.

Just run a two minute test that will generate the load and test latency under load:

i have a 2Gbps/1Gbps fiber line. without QOS, i get a A on
In my case, it's not worth installing QOS just to go from A to A+. On a DSL line, I can easily understand why it's useful if several people use the Internet at home, but on a fiber line, I think it's unnecessarily complicating the network. I'd rather stay without QOS and have HW NAT acceleration enabled.

Hi, just curious on what tape you are using on the wires above the heat sink. Is that EMI/Shielding tape? If so, is it available on amazon?