Banana Pi R2 Pro

Hi everyone!

I bought a Banana Pi R2 Pro.
On the website:
I have found a OpenWrt-Image. This Version is not current.
In the Hardware-List on your Homepage is the Router not available.
Is for this router "OpenWRT" any updates or support planed.

Thanks in advance

here is a current snapshot Index of /snapshots/targets/mediatek/mt7623/ (

Not the same device.

It's their derivative of openwrt, not the official one.


Can you tell me if there is an official version planned?
If yes, until when?

Thanks in advance

There's nothing planned, check if there's an open ticket for adding it, on GitHub (there isn't).

The SoC it uses might not even be supported by Linux, but I haven't checked.

The 6.x.x kernel supports these devices.

Great, have fun with it - How to compile with kernel 6.1? (noob question)

For what it's worth, there's a github user that maintains a minimal fork of openwrt for the R2-Pro and a few other Rockchip devices. I believe they post on the OpenWRT forums from time to time, but I don't recall their username here.

Here's a link:

If you're comfortable with github it's pretty easy to see what's added downstream. Pretty much just some basic board definitions and patches. I've even checked out their repo and built it myself in the past, but they include everything I want so these days I just periodically apply the sysupgrade images in that link.

I've been running 6.1.x builds for the better part of the last year pretty much flawlessly. The only issue I've personally run into is very minor; after a sysupgrade my sata drive disappears and requires a full power cycle to in order to re-mount for the network share.