Banana Pi BPI-R3/R4 19" rack system enclosure

for all people who are interested in a rack enclosure system, I have had a sample produced

The front panel is removable and can be replaced with a BPI-R4 panel at any time.

Furthermore, a board can also additional be installed on the left side (e.g. for redundancy). Then there is a front panel with openings on the left and right side.

All combinations are therefore possible
1x BPI-R3 or
1x BPI-R4 or
2x BPI-R3 or
2x BPI-R4 or
1x BPI-R3 & 1x BPI-R4


I love that! I was looking for such a case multiple times.

I'll need one for BPI-R4 in half a year (after setting up new network). I hope you can get me one! :slight_smile:

let's stay in touch, I don't think that should be a problem.
This is a good alternative to the APU boards from pcengines,
as these are no longer manufactured