Badges: New Badge for 100 (or more) solutions?

Houston, we have a problem.

We currently have a measly two badges for contributing solutions:

Seeing that we have users which have contributed more than 160 solutions, I feel that "10 solutions or more" is a laughably small number for a badge, and therefore we need a new badge with a higher number of solutions.

  • We could go for 100, 250, 500, ...
  • or 128, 256, 512
  • or something completely different

Your proposals please for:

  1. Naming of the badge (e.g. Tech support Level 2, 3, 4; the higher the better)
  2. Number of solutions to achieve this badge

Is there really a need?

Everyone I see on the "10-solutions" list is someone whose advice I respect and would not want to drop from a list that a newer or less-frequent reader might consider as "this person gives good advice".

I also suspect that most, if not all, on that list care more about providing help, communicating with the user base, and contributing to the project much more than they do about "stinkin' badges".


No, there is no urgent need to do that. The world keeps turning, the forum keeps running, even without that badge.

But I'd like to ask the question: Is there a reason NOT to show users which contribute a whole lot of their time in solving other users problems?

I find it remarkable that certain users have solved that many problems, and that we should honor these contributions.

No, you can not buy anything from these badges, but still, it is IMO usefull information for other users.


Troubleshooter: 50 solutions
Super troubleshooter: 100 solutions
Guru: 500 solutions

"Marjorie" for 100 or 500 (although not many will know the context:)

Guilty as charged.

How about we also reconsidered the "regular" badge? In another topic if you don't want to spoil this one.

Sherlock: 5 solutions
GoogleKiller: 1000 solutions

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On one hand, I could not agree more with @jeff's post. The people we need around here is the people who does not care about badges.

On the other hand, this can be seen as a "thanks from the community", and I am all for thanking people who help others.

Whatever is decided, please keep if funny. I would hate to see people take this too seriously and start begging for likes. Using silly names (GoogleKiller is a must!) or numbers (powers of two, 54, 192 ...) could help here.

Just my two cents!

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That was my idea when I wrote "Marjorie" above :wink:

Context: Marjorie the all knowing trash heap
"Trouble is my favourite thing"


Well, it will certainly keep English-speakers guessing ("Marjorie? Maybe that's German for "major") and the rest of the world puzzled. (This is not a "vote against" it, BTW)

for 1000 solutions: Deep Thought

Surely 42 deserves an honorable mention
"Hitchhiker's Guide"

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@tmomas - You cracked me up. In the '80's (showing my age) - There were a bunch of folks, including myself, in my development group who wouldn't leave for work without seeing the latest episode of the Fraggles on PBS @7:30am. Anyway: The US spelling was "Majory" and according to "Die Fraggles: Muppet Wiki" it's: "Marjorie, die allwissende Müllhalde".

That said - decide on names and levels and I'll spin them up.

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It might be better to avoid period-specific (and region/country specific) popular culture references.

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@hnyman - you are correct of course. I don't think anyone is serious here and it was a blast-from-the-past. Personally, I don't think we need any more badges for "Solutions" other than bronze, silver, gold (and maybe platinum) if at all.