Bad firewall got me locked out

This doesn't kill internet while it reloads firewall ? ( Does that mean going over to startup and pressing reset on firewall wouldn't either ? )

I've tested and luci interface doesn't kick you out of online game while it applies firewall changes to different zone

You confused me. Please clarify your question.


If you edited and saved the the firewall file, yes it'll be configured to whatever you saved (you're describing the behavior of editing and saving a file - perhaps I'm missing something).

The router will reboot with the config saved in /etc/config/firewall.

Not sure what you're saying.

Are you having some fruther issue?

Does that mean going over to startup and pressing reset on firewall wouldn't either ? )

Granted I am newb all linux related , I thought reload of rules kills firewall service then resets...

Not sure what you're saying.

Are you having some fruther issue?

No all is good :hugs: I am just curios as to how firewall updates it's rules without placing hold on all trafic while it's doing so hmm

That appears to be on another web page called System > Startup. The screenshot you posted is unrelated to the issue and instructions provide by everyone above. It's also unrelated to your inquiry on "reset" buttons.
For Wikis on what the Startup page is:

In any case, I would not suggest using this button to restart the firewall - I would use the "Save & Apply" button (as noted above a few times) - on the page where you made any edits.

It doesn't, it reloads your new configs (i.e. you save/apply).

:laughing: Yeah sorry , let's not flood the thread with random stuff at the end .. my bad

Anyways thanks again for helping out

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Hey there. I followed the thread along, and you're back on track as it seems. But maybe one additional note on how to change network configuration:

Especially for beginners, I suggest to change interface configuration as well as firewall configuration always via web ui.

Once you hit "apply", this is what happens:

  • Your changes get written to the config files
  • All necessary processes get reloaded
  • A timer starts that will wait for a couple of seconds and then expect the browser to confirm it's still able to communicate with the web ui.
  • If that's no longer possible, settings are reverted
  • And you get a popup asking to confirm if you want to change those settings anyway.

The last couple of steps would have saved you from locking you out, since the router would have detected that situation and reverted your config.

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It doesn't ask for confirmations ... maybe I am missing something ? I'll check that save and apply button again

Hmm. I installed a 22.03.3 just last weekend. I changed my IP range in a way that locked my client computer out. Once the router detected that, it resetted the IP range change and asked if I'm really sure about that. But to be clear: It only asks for confirmation if, after applying changes, my router becomes disconnnected from my bowser.

I guess there are two possible reasons for your test do not show that:

  • Either you didn't change a setting that caused your client to be locked out. This of course doesn't trigger the reset + confirm scenario.
  • Or it is, for whatever reason, not working on your device.

Unfortunately I cannot give any further help on that, I didn't know that myself until last weekend when I discovered this. So it's completely possible for this feature to require a specific setting that I just happen to have set, but you don't.