Bad Cell Count for flash partitions

Few days ago i posted that my archer c60 v3 disk space reduces after several reboot. Means it is writing something to the flash in each reboot.
now today i have noticed the same problem with tp link 840n v4. After several reboot disk space reduces 4KB.

This is happening in openwrt 22 and 23 series. But in openwrt 21 series i have tested it in both routers , it doesnt happen. everything seems to be okay.

Now what may be the problem is, in openwrt 22 and 23 series, in system log, i can see error(bad cell count for flash partition) . In both routers, this error happens.(see the attached picture)

But in openwrt 21.07.10, this error never appeared in system log, and i have rebooted both the device like 15-20 time in a row, disk space never reduces. Means openwrt doesnt writing anything to the flash.

Now all the expert developers here please have a look and solve the problem :slight_smile:

usually after configuring the system from scratch nothing is written to the flash.

as it was explained to you a router shouldn't
be continually restarted.

there are commands to restart the network, wifi, etc

there are commands to free the ram, etc

What makes you restart your router every day?

This is just a harmless message about an issue in the definition of partitions in the device tree. It does not indicate any actual issue with the flash storage. There is an explanation in this previous topic.

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Thanks for the correction, I'll edit the previous post

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There is also an issue about this on GitHub which concludes that it is a harmless message.

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didnt know that :confused:

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