Bacnet/IP con routers "comtrend ar-5387un" y OPENWRT

Hello, I have a Bacnet / IP device that uses port 47808 UPD, I have connected it to a comtrend ar-5387un router, with a firmware openwrt-21.02.1 as access point
to try to access the device via wifi
I run into the following problem
to perform the communication protocol discovery I use the tool
"Another Bacnet Explorer" YABE
Let's say the Bacnet device has the following IP address:
Subnet mask:
Does not support DHCP
The router left it as it was configured by default and I only enabled Wi-Fi
I connect through the wifi that assigns me the IP I try with the YABE tool to see the data, with negative results
I connect by cable to the router and access it
and I can read the data by cable and also by wifi.
Performing tests I have detected that:
I have no problem with the cable, it always works.
Through the wifi it only starts to work when I force it through the cable and then I can leave the wifi and it continues working, but when I turn off the router or restart it it forces me to start the communication with the cable again
I have also detected that connected only by wifi, I access the router's website and in the interface menu I make a modification adding or removing the information from the gateway
And when I magically save the changes I start to see the Bacnet but when I restart and try again, the above happens, the information does not appear forcing me to reactivate it with the change of parameters or via cable
Any ideas

Ok, I have also verified that if once I restart and connect via Wi-Fi I leave the tool active for 20 minutes or more, it ends up locating the bacnet device
because the wifi takes a long time and the cable is instantaneous?


Vale parece que le pido mucho al cacharro
solucione lo de wifi en modo cliente en la misma red
pero sigue tardando en detectar el dispositivo